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Asic - Antminer L3++

If i’m merge mining LTC + Doge on Poolin or f2pool, how to I add my Doge wallet to my LTC flightsheet in HiveOS? Or will the payments come from the pool if i just log in to their website and add my Doge address?

I think merge mined means that LTC+DOGE is mined at the same time on the pool side of things; when the pool pays you, they’ll pay you only with LTC – usually. I’m not aware of any pool that will payout with BOTH LTC and DOGE. In my experience with L3 and pools (Example: Litecoinpool) you have to create an account on the pool, login, create “worker names,” and then use those same worker names from the pool on your HiveOS farm.

I’ve made a flight sheet for F2Pool with LTC as the coin and my LTC address. Then I log into the pool itself and activate merge mining and add my Doge address. I get paid out every day in LTC and Doge :slightly_smiling_face:

Pools like Antpool and pays both coins: LTC and DOGE. You have to specify your DOGE payout address somewhere in the pool to receive any pending DOGEs

HiveOS designated my miner as an L3+, but is an L3++. I get that there is really no difference perhaps except for hash board silicon variation in speed tested after manufacture. I am guessing they don’t really separate them.

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