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Are the Radeon HD 7990 6GB GPU's supported on Hive OS?

I’m about to order some 7990’s for a future Monero rig. Had a look through the public OC list and there’s no profiles for the 7990. Does anyone know if this card is supported?

Thanks in advance!

Its not supported,although you can hash with some mods to files. I have 4 7950s (Tahiti) But no fan control, no overclocking/underclocking. Slim to none eth support. Hope this helps, if you need further advice let me know. My opinion is that nobody cares to support this.

I have a rig of R9 280x (and two 7970 3GB) and I’em able to miner ETH.

i have a couple 280x running on callisto…3gig not big enough for eth dag anymore (for me anyhow)

working on getting a couple straight 280s going too…love/hate relationship

ok got em running. Its probably not the best way or the right way but its working.

I went to and located an older kernel that would work for me with the drivers needed. Support for these cards stopped at 19.10 from my understanding so i went lower. Ended up downloading:

md5sum 1d25da6f16a0dc337d98a9c1372ab35a
Linux 4.10.17-hiveos #1 SMP Sun Dec 10 08:48:43 EET 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
amdgpu-pro 17.40-492261
nvidia 387.34

now the r9 280’s and 280x’s are hashing away at callisto.
maybe not elegant, but works

-there were also oc templates which i am trying out now-
edit that part out. templates exist but i get errors tryin to use em. stock it is

Right you are!

Thank you for the version # I was wondering that same thing when they were supported. ANyways I ended up just flashing the VBIOS manually for undervolt and overclock.