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Archer T3U Plus "no-carrier"

Hello, I have just installed a TP-link AC1300 (Archer T3U Plus) USB dongle to get WiFi working on my rig. First it wasn’t recognized, so I followed a guide and downloaded the rtl88x2bu driver fro GitHub. Using the WiFi command I can see the different networks available, but when I try to connect to them all I get is “no-carrier no-carrier no-carrier” - “WiFi setup done. No connection. Check settings and try again”. What am I doing wrong and how can I get my WiFi to work?

try rebooting your router first and possibly moving closer if youre far away then try again

I’ve tested three different networks, including sharing WiFi from my phone which was right next to it. None of them worked, all got the “no-carrier” error and connection failed. However I will try to connect the WiFi dongle to a Windows pc just to check that it works that way.