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Anyone Know about Wall Watt Meters?

I have a kill-a-watt wall meter to monitor my power usage. Was wondering if there was other ones that I could also connect to a PC/wifi/network and see the data digitally, maybe even have a few time history graphs to look at. And the best would be to feed all that into HiveOS so I can calculate my real cost of the rig without having to bend my lazy butt down the ground and look at it.

Barring that Im not afraid of a raspberry pi build, but I am incredibly lazy. I would need to by a few parts to make my own digital meter for up to 1800watts and 15amps so i can connect it to the pi. Probably would be much more bulky than I’d like as well.

I have a few running, Eve branded, units for my 110v connections. I had them for other small appliance uses. I do like them for quick checks and power on/off from anywhere, but have not found solid way to get power consumption reports.

Toying with the Emporia Smart Home monitor, we’ll see over the next month.

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