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Anyhting newer than 0.6-203 does not play well with 5700 cards

I’m at my wits end with any newer HiveOS version than 0.6-203.
Tried 204, 205, and 206. All those versions cause one of my cards to fail to initialize.

Different risers, difference PCI slot, no difference. Unless my card is going bad which I doubt, because it mines in windows with absolutely no problem.

Not only that, but my Radeon VII rig loses 2-3 MH on 204-206.

I’m not the nearly the only one on this forum that has this issue.

So annoying to wake up and find out that the rig wasn’t mining all night due to this error, worst of all it freezes HiveOS and doesn’t auto-reboot. Before downgrading to 203, I set my smart plug to power cycle every couple hours.

Yes I am beyond frustrated, along with others on this forum.

Please HiveOS developers, look into this issue and please issue a fix.

Currently on 0.6-203 and it’s been mining with zero issue for 6 hours and counting now.

I have 470 / 570 / 580 / Vega56 / 5700 / 5700 XT / 6800 XT and latest version 0.6-206 and zero problems.
What’s I’m doing wrong ))))

You are just lucky.
My 5500XT was runing on 980 mem for months.
Since the last Hiveos+ Amd driver update, it cant even generate the DAG file, if i set more than 960.

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