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Anybody tried Asrock Q270 Pro BTC+ motherboard?

its much cheaper than h110 pro btc but i dont find any info about this board.

this is the new and improved H110 mother board. i just ordered one. i should get it in 3 weeks. :frowning: Seb fintech on youtube talks about it. it totally solves an issue that i had with my H110. i had to wrap each riser with electrical tape so they would not short each other out. i ended up just using every other slot. i really like that asrock listened to its customers. :slight_smile:

@wnarretto did you have any issues getting it set up? I’ve received mine and no matter what i do i cant get hive to boot.

hey. i had no set up issues. it was just like the original board. it was plug and play. i am thinking for you that you might have a shorting problem? normally that is what causes a motherboard to not boot. that would be my first thing to check. then i would have to verify the that all object are fully seated. hopefully you did not plug in a power connector into a wrong connector. other than that maybe you could have gotten a bad board… worst case scenario.
i hope you could figure it out?

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