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Anybody know about AMD Radeon Pro WX Series?

We have a lot of amd radeon pro wx 8200, the drivers provided by amd not permit undervolt or any powetables settings ,Basically these boards are Vega 56, (vega10 chipset), but the driver does not allow any kind of modification, does anyone have experience with these boards or is there a bios editor for Vegas?

Bump. Any feedback on this? I was considering getting one too. The driver limitation hasn’t been a problem on the wx 7100. vbios mod went well. Still runs o=hot, but stable oc’d and at 83 degrees. Did you try any of your wx 8200?

Finally I acquired the Radeon PRO WX 8200 boards and it can be output around 46 MH / s (110watts) 51 degree GPU , 66 degree MEM , since the hardware is exactly the same as the vega 56, it is not possible to apply memory strap, because the bios is different, in Windows it impossible to undervolt or play with ![wxhiveosforum|690x204]clocks, but I had to use VEGA’s special HiveOS version