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Any Notebook 3070 Bios that works with hive?

I’ve got a MSI GP66 with a 3070@135W mining at 65MH/s, in Windows. I’ve tried it with HiveOS, and the GPU is detected apently right, but miners don’t work, they are not detecting cuda or giving other errors. I’m not able to apply overclock correcly neither.
But I know some people were able to mine with their notebook 3070, so, can someone share a ‘valid’ vBios?
I think the sweet spot could be 115-125W vBios… Temps are OK (and only ok) at 135W, but I’m sure MH/s/Wattage ration can improve, and so temperatures.

Thanks for your time

@angryMiner did you find the right settings? I have the same laptop and I’m ordering another one. It would be nice to move over from windows to hive os.

No luck yet… I still using it on Windows @ 135W.

I was about to try this one, but I had no time theese days.
It’s only 95W, so it will lose performance for sure, but I’m curious about how much. And I dont find any 115-125W bios. Only 95W or >130W.

Hello Burner! I saw in other thread you have a notebook 3070 working nice.

Sorry about the request but… Could you share your bios? Which brand and what wattage is?

I have a MSI GP66 with the 130W 3070, but it’s not properly recognized by Hive, it can’t mine.
It brings 65MH/s running on windows.

You also did OC with greenwithenvy, if offers better control than hive integrated oc controls?

same problem :frowning:

I just have no time theese days, the main rig has all my free time. But in a couple of weeks I’ll be trying some bios for this 3070…

This one worth a try:

115W + 15W from dynamic boost. Maybe we can disable those 15W someway.

Hi, for fan control try isw and for overclocking use gwe
Both work perfectly.

If you use hiveos oc settings, there is preset which reduces my total wattage to 135w with losing only 1MH/s.

Hope this helps

Hi, I have a MSI GP66 LAPTOP with a max draw of 155W at the wall. The GPU draws max 135W but with OC settings from hive only 115W. I have dumped my vbios to hive… Let me see if I can share it.

Lspci output
VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA GA104M [GeForce RTX 3070 Mobile / Max-Q] (rev a1)

Personally I would not flash another vbios…

If you like to live dangerously there is the vbios on msi page

This is for GP66 Leopard 10UG

The bios is

I added screenshots from OC from hive. These work atm pretty good

Update… Works up to 67.33 MH/s with following settings

But seems a bit unstable… I used it now for over 2 days and invalid shares were randomly noticed. I am actually tuning again.

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