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Any coin that i can dualmine with RVN at same time?

I am mining eth+zil but I have read that what it does is exchange the type of coin every x hours, and zil stays at n/a all the time, I would like to know if there is any coin that I can mine at the same time from RVN

Zil is mined for roughly 1 minute per hour, which basically allows you to get full hashrate on the main coin and full zil profits too. You can mine any 2 coins that a miner supports to be dual mined, but nothing aside from zil will pair well with raven coin as it uses the core and memory.

so thats why its always n/a in hiveos right? i just need to wait and look for the pool

It should show hashrate for roughly 1 minute per hour, but show na the rest of the time. If it never shows anything for zil double check your config

ok i will check it but i just config the flight sheet with T-rex, second coin and wallet leave the intensity blank and in config setup set the second algo in zil

The coins don’t per se determine if you can mine them with something else (though the algorithms might not be compatible to work on the same card. The miners are the ones that let you dual mine with other coins.

There are several that have set of coins they will allow you to dual mine. The best for dual mining is bzminer since allows you to mine combinations that aren’t optimized

also consider that dual mining usually makes the cards hotter