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Antminer S9i username and password not ROOT ROOT

Hello, this is probably a fairly easy fix but i’m new to the mining scene and am stuck on this. I was using nicehash for a couple months with my S9i until i learned about hiveos and after I updated the firmware to hiveos, i’m not able to view my miners interface with the username/pw root root. I’ve tried resetting the machine and resetting the firmware to the original S9i version. If you’ve got some advice i’d appreciate a response here or add me on discord brassy#9175

Try with bitmain SD Card Recovery image to turn back your S9 into factory default…

I havent been able to access a S9i after HiveOS too, they are all back to Braiins or Bitmain firmware, vnish

same, i was able to login just upon first time boot, after flashing, after that can’t, maybe after flashing, we need to update to a newer firmware?

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