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Antminer S19j Pro+ 122TH Firmware Support

is the Antminer S19j Pro+ 122TH supported with the current available S19j Pro firmware (if it is using Xilinx singel deck control board)? If it is using the Amlogic control board (i guess so because my miners has micro usb instead of sd-card slot) the firmware is currently under development as i understand. If it is released will there be a sepreate version for the S19j Pro+ or can I use S19j Pro firmware?

If it has the same amount of chips per board there’s a good chance the existing will work, can’t say off the top of my head though. If it doesn’t work send me the log and I can pass it on to the devs

thx for your answer. 120 asic chips per hashboard. do i automatically have the amlogic control board if i have micro usb instead of sd-card slot?

yes, micro usb means amlogic. our firmware for amlogic s19s should be out very soon.

Hi, any news here for the S19jPro+? Greetings :wink:

Currently we are accepting 100+ amlogic asic farms for firmware deployment, I will update if I hear anything for individual or smaller farms.