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Antminer S17 Pro Help

So I had all 3 hashboards hashing when I first got the miner. I was messing around with fan spoofers and different cooling methods for trying to run it quietly, which I had working for a bit then…

one hashboard stopped working and started showing " chain 1, only find 0 ASICS. power off hashboard 1."

So I proceeded to buy a replacement hashboard since one of the heatsinks fell off and I wanted a backup anyway… but now when I restart the s17 pro with the new hashboard, it shows 0-0-0. I even reflashed with HIVE OS firmware again to make sure it had it just like the other two.

my question, is there something I have to do to reconnect the new hashboard to sync up with the other 2?

Try a single hashboard at a time, verify all are working first

I’m not sure what was going on with the boards. I swapped with 2 new boards and running fine now.
I thought of this while swapping though; say if I had a S17P 53TH version, and one of the boards was the 56TH version, would that 56 board cause issues like I had? I wouldn’t think so, since it seems the S17 firmware works with s17 and s17 pro models. Or would it?

usually the real differences are just software, so likely it wouldnt cause any issues. especially if youre running aftermarket firmware