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Antminer S17 Pro Help

So I had all 3 hashboards hashing when I first got the miner. I was messing around with fan spoofers and different cooling methods for trying to run it quietly, which I had working for a bit then…

one hashboard stopped working and started showing " chain 1, only find 0 ASICS. power off hashboard 1."

So I proceeded to buy a replacement hashboard since one of the heatsinks fell off and I wanted a backup anyway… but now when I restart the s17 pro with the new hashboard, it shows 0-0-0. I even reflashed with HIVE OS firmware again to make sure it had it just like the other two.

my question, is there something I have to do to reconnect the new hashboard to sync up with the other 2?

Try a single hashboard at a time, verify all are working first