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Antminer L3+ Hiveon high LA

hello, im getting constant Load Average notifications from 40 diff miners i have running

been like this since the day i have flashed them, rebooting them doesnt help in any way
the hashrate seems fine, what bothers me that my telegram notification stream is overflowing with “high LA” and i miss the important ones (outages etc.)
any tips to fix this? thanks a lot

I didn’t had any problems with AntPool firmware! Recently I switched to hiveos and I have the LA problem . Have you reached out to solve the problem. ?

nope, still have this problem, very annoying , cannot use telegram bot to get notifications, cause it spams the channel all day long… :frowning:

Hello , maybe you can help me .
I am using hiveos firmware, and I’m using their platform to mine ltc , on ant pool .
But it has been already 10 days and I cannot see my estimated earnings and I did not received any payment.
Do you have any idea how can i resolve the problem . I had spoken with ONE on live support and he didn’t helped me out.
Thank you very much

In the near future, I am bringing over several L3+ ASICs over to HiveOS through their custom firmware. All I can think of is perhaps reflashing the firmware and make sure you’re running the latest firmware version. Keep us posted.

Hiveon ASIC L3+/L3++: Universal Firmware for Higher Hashrate | by Liliia Nik | Hive OS | Medium

Hiveon|ASIC L3+/L3++ Firmware | Hive OS

WE are running the newest firmware and the same 3-4.5 load average. Its stable but higher load then I like. I assume with that many units you have them at a colo? I hate being limited by power :slight_smile:

i dont rly mind the usage, the miners run smooth and stable, but the constatnt stream of notifications in telegram chat bot is what drives me crazy, its super easy to miss the important notifications …

im running off of small hydro plant, this is basically (plus couple of gpu rigs) the total power supply/output of the plant, so nothing special :slight_smile:

i have the same issue buddy

just turn off LA notifications in telegram page