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Antminer L3+ Hashboard Not Detected

Hi Guys,

I got a new Antminer L3+ about a month ago and I installed Hiveon Firmware on the machine successfully. After a few hours of working normally on all 4 hashing boards, the overview panel shows the following message:

“number of x=4 of chain 3 has exceeded threshold”

And hashing board No.3 is not detected anymore. It is only after I restart the machine that all the hashboards show up again. It has happened 4-5 times in the past 24 hours. Could anyone help me regarding the possible error that has been occuring and possible ways to correct it?!

Firstly, run the AutoTune feature from control panel and check the results from. AutoTune log page.

Probably your hashboard damaged and it need to repair.

Did you ever get this fixed? I have pretty much the same problem. Was it just a case of one of the boards being broken?

The issue was that the hashboards were broken. Luckily the machine was under warranty so i got the boards fixed. I had to bear the shipping expenses to China and back but it was totally worth it. To cover up for the losses, the company also agreed to send me 2 additional used but working hashing boards as backup.

Right now i have 2 spare hashing boards in working condition. I might sell them off or buy a used control board and set up another mining unit with them.

Thanks for responding. I doubt that I have any warranty. I guess I’ll just use this with 3/4 of the hashrate. Bummer, but I doubt I could fix it myself. But I’ll still look into preparing it. Hopefully I have boards available in my country.

Which country do you live in? If 3 out of the 4 boards are working, im sure its not a network or connection error. The hashboard probably went bad. I have spare hashing boards but they are used. If you plan to replace the bad board maybe i can help you with that.

Finland. If you’re inside EU I could buy from you. It’s fine even if they’re used, that’s better than having a totally non working ones. If you’re outside of EU it probably would be too difficult.

Well sending a Hashing board to a country like china is a tough thing from India but I think sending it to Europe is easier. Also I have a few friends working in EU (Sweden and Czech Republic). Let me enquire with the local courier service and get back to you.

Hi, thanks so much for the effort you’re putting into this. Though please don’t trouble yourself too much, I can try to find the spare parts myself. How much do you think I should pay for it? If the price is under 150e euros, then there should be no problem with the customs and sending to Finland.

Hi i am not really sure about the price of the hashing boards. But if you can find out the prices in your area i can sell accordingly.