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Antminer E3 flashing firmware


I recently got my hands on a used Antminer E3. I found the firmware file hive_install_unsig_antminers.tar.gz but I’m unable to flash it with the ASIC web interface or BTC Tools. BTC tools says successful, but nothing happens. Through the Antminer interface, I just see a bunch of text and code pop up when I try and flash. Can someone please help me? Would really appreciate it.

Hey - Ive got some E3’s mining ETC and running the hive client. What firmware are you running?? I suggest using SouthInvestigators ETC 5.4 Firmware… works really well and has nice , quiet auto fan control too. There are good instructions in the readme for install. Once installed, You can setup the pool and test mining, then when you are ready you can install HiveOS Client over the top to register with hive. I find best to do this straight through Command Line via SSH.

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