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(Another) 3080 issue

Hi all,

I`m new here, so be gentle :slight_smile:

I have two rigs - 1 with 3x evga 3080 FTW3 running smoothly from day one at 99.50 hash
1 with 6x Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC giving me nightmares from day one

Gigabyte rig is currently stable after several days of trial and errors, but hash rate varies from 90.4 - 96.5. All have the same OC -200 / 2000 / 230W, but those with lowest score don`t go over 222W. I have tried numerous oc setups and the current one is the only stable so far. Do you have any idea how to make the slowest run at 230W? I know Gigabyte are not the best for mining, but it is what it is. Any help would be much appriciated!


Set power limit at 250w. I have this issue with some of my 3080s, any power limit below 250w causes hashrate to drop under 100MH/s and become unstable (90-96).


Thanks for you reply, just pushed all to 250w and lets see what it does. These samples are qithout back thermal pad ao I believe they are poqer throttling. What oc setting do you run?

I apologize for the delay as I did not get notifications for this thread. Here are my defaults for 3080 cards currently.

I struggled previously with 3080s trying to keep below 250w and stable with 100MH/s, so far setting to 250w has been most consistent solution. I have a few more 3080s coming in the next month and I will report my findings then as well. Let me know how your rig is working now?

Any chance you measured your memory temps? I’ve seen people suggesting not to go past 1900 for the memory clock.

Not until there is away in linux to do so. I have recently dealt with throttling on the new 3080’s, in this case you will see power usage below the set threshold (ex: 223w when PL is 240). I had to secure additional thermal pads to suppor the memory chips on the GPU side. After this update, all cards are stable at 100.xMH/s and 240w PL.

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