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Amdmemtweak still working on vega

is amdmemtweak still working on latest vega software becouse i dont have that option anymore

So if pigs are flying outside than you might have a chance of hearing back from someone. I am having the same issue brother with my 10x Vega 56 rig. I flagged your comment (not as a negative post) simply because someone has to remind the mods that we all have other platforms now (mineros and rave come to mind). I am ready to leave. I continue to use amdmemtweak in console but my hash rate on every gpu just dropped 2 mh/s for no reason. I even replaced with latest vega image and no luck. The fact that these guys collect their shillings from us and dissapear into thin air is so fucking pathetic.

You also want to run amdmeminfo and see about the card’s firmware. My memory is reported as Samsung and Hynix in hives console but amdmeminfo is reporting that all of it is Samsung. This is frankly all on HiveOS. No other changes but their last update. The catalyst for half of the problems I have to work around are there incessant updates adding shit-coin miners.

Hey Hive… call me out. Please. Just prove you have more than one sorry ass mod paying any attention to your boo-boos.

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i get what you mean brother im thinking of moving also i spoke to some one in chat and i didnt like what they told me so all this is negative points too hive os

Fuck Hive. I’m out too.

Current and potential miners, this is my advice: Read through the forum and you’ll find a litany of unanswered threads, some of them with a plethora of miners posting through the same threads asking “Did anybody figure this out? I’m having the same problem!” and they all go, more or less, unanswered. HiveOS isn’t free. Your paying into their pool when they take their cut. They act and market themselves as being equitable but that’s all bullshit. They are simply linux with some easily buildable tools that you can github in about 15 minutes. They off no utility other than their GUI which is more or less a lot of pretty colors. Their updates are 50/50 at best odds of including or excluding some little line of code that’ll break your rig. The downtime and effort of unfucking their sorry code has become too much for me. Windows is not the only alternative anymore. Plenty competition exists because those who know were tired of dealing with this bullshit. Later Hive. How do you say… “Eat a dick” in Russian? Actually I don’t care.

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