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AMD Vega 56 Always on MAX Power Usage

Hi all,

I have a Vega 56 in my rig, altough the hasrate is accaptable the power usage seems to be set at max power rate, even tough undervolted. Seems the settings wont go through
Does anyone else has this issue, and perhaps know how to change this?

What kernel/amd driver are you on?

Do you happen to have solution for this?

Can you verify the voltage settings are applying with the amd-info command? If they are, try lowing your OC some.

If not, it may be a driver issue, however i dont have any Vegas so i cant say first hand what drivers work best for those.

amd-info is showing the correct values. Strange that i have to lower the OC this means the GPU is overruling the written settings because he needs the power?

So amd-info is reporting the voltages and other settings you have set are applied? You dont have to lower OC unless you want to lower power draw.

That’s correct. Now i do get some lower wattage but it’s almost nothing. Max power is 210 and it’s now running on 202.

If i lower the oc i do get lower power but normally you would say it just crashes instead of asking more power right?

If you have the voltages set theres only so much power it can draw at that given voltage. If its unstable when lowering it, you will also need to lower memory and core clock until it is stable again.