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AMD Tahiti cards - eg HD 7950

I have been trying to get my AMD Tahiti cards working with HiveOS. (btw HiveOS is freakin AWESOME! @ the devs). I have seen referances to people having these cards hashing, but was unable to get it to work myself. I have found AN answer, which i would like to share for those who might be looking. I got a copy of hive-0.5-12-20171211 from the hive archives at which led to:
Historical releases are here

I got that version because of the write up on getting the amd rx550 to work (my two worked right off but it was good reading). I have got a copy of that now running my other rig and so far it looks to be working…blah…not so much.

any help with getting Tahiti cards goin would be great!


Hey man, I currently am not mining. But this topic

may help you or at least point you in the right direction.

headed there right now thank you very much. I have info that says tahiti cards were dropped in the 19.20 release of the driver but that they work in 19.10. I am working on downgrading my kern so i can try. I will keep posting

thanks for your reply!

tahiti cards hashing monero right now - had to back amdgpu driver to 19.10. They wont do eth or etc with 3gigs of ram, but they are hittin monero just fine! Thanks for the direction @MyGodItsFullOfStars