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AMD Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 (56) Nitro Settings (for those having issues with invalid shares)

So I wanted to share my setup for those having issues with these cards. It took me a while to get the settings right as to where I was getting no invalid shares. I stumbled on this guide originally which helped but the settings did not work for me. My rig wouldn’t even power on and then when it did, I kept getting invalid shares, but slight adjustments in the overclock settings and straps solved the issue. I didn’t want to mod the bios on my 64s to 56 settings either. Here are the settings that worked for me…

Straps: amdmemtweak --CL 18 --RAS 22 --RCDRD 23 --RCDWR 12 --RC 36 --RP 13 --RRDS 3 --RRDL 4 --RTP 6 --FAW 12 --CWL 7 --WTRS 4 --WTRL 9 --WR 13 --REF 65000 --RFC 249


Seems like the RCDRD setting was the issue with the original guide for me. Once I increased that, it booted up normally. I’m probably missing out on 1 or 2 MH. I had them close to 54 MH at one point but I kept getting invalid shares. It’s now stable and I’m happy with the power consumption to performance ratio.

If this helped and you want to buy me a beer:
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Ill just ad the settings you posted and I adjusted a bit that gave me the biggest hashrate on my Sapphire Vega 56 without invalids or reboots.

–cl 20 --ras 23 --rcdrd 20 --rcdwr 11 --rc 36 --rp 13 --rrds 3 --rrdl 5 --rtp 6 --faw 12 --cwl 7 --wtrs 4 --wtrl 9 --wr 13 --rfc 248 --REF 65535


What is the “7” in the chart?

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Thx Bro since Berlin i see invalids shares from nowhere and you just save me !

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Glad to hear it’s helping!

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Core state / DPM setting. I don’t think it’s necessary and only shows on the HiveOS mobile app (not on desktop) for me but I tried it on another rig and it helped and since it was stable I just left it.

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Thanks for the help, I have finally reached 50+Mhs, I was having so many issues getting there.


Nice! Good to know it also works for others…thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Hi and thx.
But i have the Problem that after some hours i am getting Invalid Shares on my Vega64 with Samsung Memory.
What can i “alter” to get it more stable?
And how i can set the DPM setting? I Cant find it on the tab.

You should see the DPM setting on the mobile app.

Besides that make sure you copy the straps and overclock settings and you should be good to go.

What is your card Core Voltage & Memory Voltage

Please share you card Config window. because my interface is different than you

Is this what you need?

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up with RCDRD

still cant find the settings - but at the moment it runs very good with 1100/855/1050 → 50.9MH

Which setting are you having issues finding? DPM or RCDRD?

I really appreciate if someone can assist me, I’ve tried 3days overclocking my vega 64.
Flashing my Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro + to Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro +, and apply all the straps in this post and also other straps at another main vega 64&56 post, the most stable I can get is only 25hours, and gpu found dead 511c temperature after that.
I also tried to flash it back to my original 64bios, and follow exactly this post, theres always the only one gpu found dead even I lower the oc settings. GPU 1 is always dead after few hours.

The settings posted in the original post should work perfectly with a 64 using 64 bios. I’d try to play around with the RCDRD strap setting if it’s still giving you issues. That’s the one I found that gives me the most impact with invalid shares.

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