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AMD Ryzen 9 7900x and ASUS motherboard configuration

Hi All,

I recently built a CPU rig with the following:

AMD Ryzen 9 9700x
ASUS FOG Strix B650E-F Motherboard

With stock settings, my running temp was around 85 degrees and getting about 15.7KHS. I was able to alter the BIOS Core Voltage offset to .25 and it reduced the temp to 66 degrees, but now getting 14.5KHS

I’ve seen some get higher hashrates and lower temps, but those were on non-ASUS motherboards.

Has anyone had any luck using ASUS bios with this CPU and get higher hashrates with low temps?

Thank you

Congrats on the new build. Id recommend you watch some youtube videos of some cpu rig setups, rabid mining has some good videos for beginners.

Stock settings are never great for mining. Theres a few different ways to tune, you can either pick a clock speed, most run at cpu base clock and then find the lowest voltage that is stable (easy method)
Or use PBO to set max current limits, boost limits, curve offset etc etc. a bit too complicated to explain in a forum post. (Harder method)

Sounds like you’re mining randomx algo, so youll benefit from having both memory channels populated and expo/xmp profile enabled at a minimum, you can also fine tune your memory overclocks for even better efficiency/improved hashrate. (If you want to go crazy here check out ‘Actually Hardcore Overclocking’ channel on youtube. He has a few deep dives for memory OC

Hi Keaton_Hiveon,

Thank you for the tips and suggestions. After watching some videos, I’ve lowered my temps to 69 degrees with an average hash rate of 16.10

My current ASUS Bios settings are:

CPU Voltage = 1.2
Memory set to EXPO 1
CPU Core Voltage set to Manual and entered 1.2

So far the videos I’ve seen has the CPU core voltage set to .93 and getting about 18khs but when I went that far down the rig wouldn’t boot up. So I slowly increased the voltage and landed on 1.2

Not sure why I’m not able to get to a lower voltage, but the only difference I can see was that I’m using an Asus Bios while the others were using Gigabyte or MSI Bios.

I’ll try and keep playing with the BIOS to see if there is some setting that I need to change to get a higher hash rate while keeping my CPU temps low.


Did you try anything between 1.2 and .93? You shouldnt be using anyone else’s values for voltage, as the lowest stable voltage will be unique to your system. 1.2 is pretty high unless running a lot higher than base clock


I haven’t changed my base clock, it’s still at 4700 Mhz. I also slowly increased the voltage from .93 to .95, .97 and so on but my rig wouldn’t boot up until I got too 1.150, but the hash rate was lower. At 1.2 the hash rate was at least 16, with stable temps at 69 degrees.

I’m thinking it might be some setting in the bios that’s causing it to draw more voltage \ power. At the wall the rig is pulling in 200 watts.

I’ll keep poking around the bios to see if I can find anything.


Core perf boost and pbo will both draw more power if theres additional system load, i find it easier to start high and work my way down til its not stable, then you only have to deal with it not booting once.


I got my hash rate up slightly to 16.30, with CPU temps around 64 degrees and 180 watts at the wall.

I made the following changes:

  • Turned off “Aura” (The fancy lights on the motherboard)
  • Turned off Core Performance Boost
  • Turned off Enhanced Boost
  • Reduced core voltage to 1.1

I’ll look into the PBO settings at a later date, but I’ll let it run a couple of days under this setting.

Thank for the suggestions and help.