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AMD RX6700 XT Loading AMD Drivers

New worker with AMD RX6700 XT card that will not complete the loading the Hive OS. It sits are Loading AMD drivers for a few minutes then it reboots. THe GPU has not been mod in any way. It is brand new.
The GPU boots in Windows 10 fine and mines perfectly using Trex.
I have searched online for a solution, but I have not seen any post of how anyone resolved this issue with any other cards.
Please help if you can.

what version of hiveOS did you download? Do you have other card so you can load the HiveOS with it?

This machine is using 0.6-204@210703. I have four dell servers I am using to mine, and they only support a single GPU. I will need to invest in a motherboard that supports more than one GPU.
I have tried putting the 6700xt in one of the other machines and it does the same thing loading Hiveos.

the newest version is 0.6-204@210704, but you cant update without loading hive.
with 3 separate PCs to use as miners you pay two times more electricity that 1 PC with 3 GPUs. Dont you ahve some old PC that you can use with 3 PCIe slots or something ? you will need risers for all the GPUS to be connected and two PSUs i think.

I agree. I will be getting a motherboard and PSU to combine my AMD and NVIDIA cards into a single rig. Hopefully this will allow my 6700XT to load in HIVEOS and save me a few dollars at the same time.

You say servers, what kind of PSUs they have? Can you use them instead?

My machine is a Dell R720DX that has 1100W PSU. The GPU works fine in Windows 10. I want to stop using Windows 10 so I can shutdown most o f the devices on the server to conserve power. That is why I am moving to HIVEOS.

1100W PSU is quite good. you can use it for the rig. I guess its server PSU and you may need to get one special circuit board to attach to it and then some power cables for Risers and GPUs.

Yes I do, and of course I cannot find any of them in stock. If anyone has any they are not using, I will trade for one of the Dell 1100W power supplies I have.

Thanks for your help. I got my old motherboard up and three risers and cards up. One of the cards is a AMD so once I connected the 6700XT to the rig, it was recognized and I am up and running.

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