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AMD RX580 detected but not mining

One of my SAPPHIRE NITRO RX580s is detected by the system and the miner, but fails to set DAG epoch on claymore. The system had been running fine for about a week then GPU4 had OpenCL hang and the system rebooted. Since then GPU4 refuses to start mining.

All other cards are working correctly with no problems at all.

Here is what I did to trouble shoot so far:

  1. I swapped the connection to the motherboard with another GPU, and the problem follows the GPU having the issue
  2. I reflashed the bios on the card which was successful, but still the card refuses to start mining
  3. I made sure the USB cable was seated correctly/securely on both ends
  4. I disabled the overclock/underclock on that specific card, still nothing
  5. I replaced the riser, cable, and connector at the motherboard and still doesn’t want to start mining

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Thank you!


It looks like the most recent version (v0.5-54) was causing my problems. That update addressed AMD voltage fixes but it was causing 1-2 of my cards to fail to start mining. Or maybe I had a corrupt update I’m not entirely sure.

Every time it was the same 1-2 cards that wouldn’t start: GPU4 and GPU7

After doing a downgrade to the previous version (v0.5-53) and one reboot later the cards finally started to mine again. I’m not sure if this is due to the extra time that the OS is taking to set all the GPU values, but maybe the devs should look into delaying the miner if it doesn’t already or make the delay longer if it already does.

Hope this helps anyone else having this problem!

You have to redo your undervolt, some of your GPUs are unstable on the set voltage.