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Amd rx5700xt hash rate drops after 0.6-205 upgrade

I have upgraded hiveos first to 0.6-205 and after that to 0.6-206 and my hash rate decrease with 7 mh / card amd rx5700xt 50th anniversary edition.

With 0.6-204 i had 50,68 hash rate / card now it drops to 42 43 mh after i change the fan speed from 38 to 40. If change back the fan speed the hash rate remains 43. The cards are not modded, the oc i am using 100w 36 fan (i am changing the fan speed in order to keep the memory temp bellow 82 degrees) and dpm 5.
There is somebody else with the same problem? I was hopping that 0.6-206 will solve this problem but didn’t happened.
I am using phoenix miner 5.6d
My rig is a mix of A and N. 3x rx5700xt 2 x 3060ti and 1x 3080

Thank you for your help in advance!

Yep, well known problem that anything newer than 203 causes crashing in 5700 rigs, lower hash rate on R7 cards, and invalid shares on turing/ampere rigs. No settings were changed either.

Very frustrating.

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