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AMD RX570 Armor 4G OC Stock bios

I got 8 RX570s from a friend (he got sick of the price panic with ETH). Problem is he modded the bios and didn’t backup the original. Now that I put HiveOS on it I keep getting issues where it either doesn’t mine at all or it’ll mine for a couple minutes then drop out and loose connection. I read that bios modding and excessive clocking can cause such issues, but since I don’t have the original bios, I can’t flash it back.

Does anyone have the original stock bios for MSI Radeon RX570 Armor 4G OC Hynix?

My plan is to flash it back to stock, see how it runs, and if I’m really unhappy with the hashrates to then set clocks and stuff in the Hive dashboard instead of on the GPU itself.

You can try finding the stock vbios here: