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Amd rx5600xt crash problem please help

Hi,Everyone I have AMD (Gigabyte) RX 5600 XT Samsung GDDR6
I am mining ETH and sometimes the gpu crashs can you help me please
my overclock:
on stock bios
core clock : 1350
core voltage: 725
memory clock: 920
and thank you in advance

The core voltage is too low try 850 or 900 try 1100mhz+ core depends what you like and 2000mhz+ on the mem and take easy on mem voltage. Dont downvolt too much. Bit by bit downvolt both core and mem. And find the sweet spot for your card.

That card mem can go 8000mhz total. 2000mhz is 8000mhz and if it is 7000mhz it is still ok just don’t go crazy on voltage.

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