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AMD RX 6600 - best settings for TON? Please share your settings/results

I really like HiveOS. Too convenient compared to Windows, so I don’t want to go to Windows.

In the video of these people Toncoin Mining is most Profitable then ETHEREUM | 6600XT Ton Mining Settings - YouTube 6600 (not xt) gives out 1.6 GH/sec

this one has Mining TON Coin LolMiner1.42 AMD RX 6600, 6600XT & 6700XT hashrates - YouTube - 1.7 GH/sec but on Windows

I have Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 6600 Fighter 8GB

In my case (as in the attached screenshot, the performance is less). 1.2GH/sec

I tried to set the voltage settings as in the video

But the performance becomes less - 1.1 GH / sec

What settings are best to try to pick.

And what was your maximum hash rate?

Can I change to another pool or another miner? (I tried LOL miner, the numbers are similar).

I’ll save you from the same 3-day battle that I had set up TON rig. Again this is still under test. Your cards might not take it well but here you go!

If you look at the GPU2 you can see this is working in progress. If you see issues drop it to 2200 core and raise the core volts to 875. That has proven to be running with no issues for about 24h in my case but I’m not stopping there. Here in CA, we have almost .30c per Kw and somewhat simular rates for “delivery” so we need to push it harder :smiley:

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No mem overclock?

CoreClock: 2200
CoreVoltage: 870
MemController: 775
MemVoltage: 1100

Just trying to make sure I am reading your setting correctly.

Thanks in advance - new to hive, actually moving from MinerStat b/c of 6600 cards.

Looks like it - I am getting very similar results.


From what I know TON does NOT care about memory and it’s very core intensive. If you find something better - let me know. I’m trying to push it harder but so far no luck.