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AMD Rx 5700 xt and NVidia Tesla K80, best miner software?

I have a miner that already has two AMD, XFX RX 5700 XT (Thiic III) 8gb cards running TeamRedMiner and mining ETH. I got a deal for two NVidia K80, dual GPU, 24gb (12gb per GPU) server cards, and 3D printed fan cases with fans for proper cooling, since they were server GPUs, and I want to install them on the same miner. I have an Asus B250 mining board with 19 PCI-e slots, 8gb of ram, an I-3 3900 CPU, a 80gb hard drive, and the two 5700’s.
I understand TeamRedMiner isn’t made for NVidia. I like the program, but, any suggestions for switching? I’m leaning towards PhoenixMiner, or maybe ETHMiner, but if someone has better ideas, I’m all ears.

Any update on the K80’s?

Were you ever able to make the K80s work? If so, how are they doing?

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