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AMD RX 5700 BIOS ((memory mod only) flashing failed

Running [email protected] (Beta2) with 8x MSI RX 5700 Gaming X. Have bios modded 7 of 8 of these cards in windows (safe mode with command prompt). So one was stock and I did in hiveos:

  • stopped mining in rig
  • save orig bios
  • tweaked memory setting in windows with red bios editor
  • saved modded bios in “VBIOS rom storage”
  • select vbios -> reboot after flash, force flash"
  • and BAM! failed.

Thanks HiveOS, wont be relying bios flashing with you ever again. Luckily I managed to unbrick this card with windows (safe mode with command prompt).

BAM! Flashing cards it’s your own personal risk as well as an investment at mining equipment

On the flasher program worth AMD copyright, you may be able to claim them. But do you know what they say? They will say we did not give anyone these programs free access and do not recommend doing this, otherwise you may void your warranty.

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