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AMD RX 570/580 4GB Overclocking and Bios Ideas

I have recently acquired this mining rig and set it up Saturday Night. Sunday I ran it with default OC settings. Today I tinkered and crashed it a couple times. Based on my information of the cards, what should I do differently. I want to get the lowest overall wattage down while keeping a stable hash rate. Not entirely sure of models (ie, Aorus, windforce, etc…)

I am running hiveos while using the hiveon pool with gminer to mine ETC. Getting decent hash rates as well.

make sure agressive undervolting is checked, core state 1, and memory ocs should get you a little more hash, might be able to back the core down a little as well to save a little power, but youre close there.

Any specific bios I should flash to them? Where do I get more information on that?

looks like theyre probably modded already. i would recommend modding the bios they have with polaris bios editor and flashing that, not some other random bios.

How low can I get with wattage utilization? Any suggestion to settings? I do have the amdmemtweak --REF 30 enabled and the aggressive undervolting is also enabled.

its a game of trial and error, to lower the power consumption you have to find the lowest voltages that it will maintain stability at

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