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AMD RadeonVII Pro OC unlock

Hy All!
Does anyone have the “AMD RadeonVII Pro unlocked.rom” bios ?

AFAIK you can get VBIOS for Radeon VII by AMD on techpowerup and flash it to Radeon VII Pro it will convert it to usual Radeon VII with standard OC capabilities. Don’t forget save original VBIOS first!

Thank you HaloGenius!
I’ve seen something similar for Mi50.
Are you sure this works? let’s say this: RadeonVII-16G-Hynix_HBM2-113-D3600200-106.rom can I flash it on Radeon Pro?

My colleague reflashed some VII PRO to usual VII for himself. I can ask him to confirm that it’s worked as we talking here.

Yes, he confirmed that PRO flashed by the same VBIOS version as you wrote above - 113-D3600200-106

The size of the two bios is the same (1024KB), that’s right. ok, I’m waiting for your confirmation.

I posted above that my colleague flashed his VII Pro to VII using VBIOS 113-D3600200-106 version and he taken it from my usual VII (I forgot about this fact) and “Yes” VBIOS has size 1M (1024 kB)

Thanks for the help.
Yesterday I moved the Radeon PRO to another motherboard and reinstalled hiveos, after that the oc mod works with the original bios. I didn’t flash the card because I can still use the oc mod.

Hi. weare I can download the bios ?