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AMD Radeon RX 5700 shows 0% Fans and 0 for Power

Today I installed a new AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU. HiveOS recognizes the card, but the Fan shows 0% and not Power Usage. The card is mining at 49.59, but I am not sure if it is overheating or how much power it is using. Has anyone seen this before. I assume it is a stock card with the factory Bios.


Here is the terminal output from amd-info.

Surprisingly I upgraded to the beta version of HiveOS and the problem was fixed.

But then I broke it again. they way I broke it was running: apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade.

There were 2 packages that would not upgrade. nvidia-settings and xorg-server (??) So I am not sure what package broke it, so I am trying to reimage and see if it works stock. Apparently one of the packages that ubuntu updates is killing this card, and not the others. I will keep investigating and post back if I can figure out which package is causing it.

Ok, the problem is with some of the base ubuntu files that the OS wants to upgrade. I thought for sure it was going to be the Nvidia-settings or Xorg because it said it could not update those and they were held back. I just let it update the base applications and after a reboot it was broken again. Unfortunately there is 107 updates that are being applied and I don’t have the time to figure out specifically which one is breaking the Temp/Fan Speed/and Power Indication for the 5700 RX 8Gb. For now I will not update, but that is not good as security vulnerabilities and issues are fixed routinely in Linux. If we lose the ability to update we open the door for potential security issues. This happened recently to Western Digital. If I get more time I may try and narrow down what package is causing it, or if a developer of that module knows, I would be happy to additional testing and leave that package out. Thanks.

The package that is causing the problem is: linux-firmware

What I did was place a hold on that package so that Apt Package Manager will not try and update it.

Here is what I did for my testing.

hive-replace -y --stable


apt-get update

apt-mark hold linux-firmware (You can remove later with the unhold command)

apt-get upgrade
apt-get install nvidia-settings xserver-xorg-core
apt-get dist-upgrade


Later on if you want to see what packages you have on hold:
apt-mark showhold

Remove from hold:
apt-mark unhold linux-firmware

I am not sure what was inserted into the linux-firmware package, but when Ubuntu replaces it with the newer version the Temps/Powers/Fan reporting stops working after reboot. Hope this saves someone else some time. Obviously it would be nice to update the linux-firmware as it is updated, but maybe HiveOS can tell us how to run a command to insert the code needed, or a process to restore that version if it ever gets replaced.

Hi I have the same problem with an RTX 2080TI I don’t understand what to do

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