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AMD Radeon R9 390x OC settings

Hi everyone,
I’m new to mining in general and to GPU overclocking settings, so sorry for the stupid questions.
Since few days I’m using a mining rig with hiveos and a single GPU: AMD R9 390x, quite similar to the more popular RX580.

For the GPU I use same very basic OC, based o a template that I found online:

Core clock: 960
Core state: 3
Core Voltage: default
Memory controller voltage: default
Memory clock: 1250
Memory state: default
Memory voltage: default
Fan: 60%
Power limit: 160

Are these settings good enough? I would like to maximize performances and power consumption, while maintaining the whole noise of the system as low as possible.

Aggressive undervoltage is off… is it correct? What is it supposed to do?

The system is very stable and I have 100% efficiency, no problem on invalid or rejected shares (miner is phoenixminer, latest version).

As you can see temperatures and power consumption seems to ve quite high? Are they good?

P.S. GPU has default bios, not modded.

Thanks for all your precious advices and sorry for the numerous questions.


hey try using this settings i found if you still have the card

i personally dont like this card because it is really power hungry, but i have just to start with something, anyways its doing around [email protected] 166w @ 60 C (agressive undervolting is ON), if you want less power draw and heat just lower the core state, it can go as low as 1 but it will low your hasrate

im using LolMiner.

Yes, indeed it is a power angry GPU. I would like to replace it asap.
Anyhow thanks for the settings, they are working fine as expected, using lolminer.