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I got my R9s and R7 to work on my test bench at one point, but I can’t remember what I did exactly. I know I had to replace the latest image of Hive back to 6.200 beta and install some old drivers thanks to cryptoluigi, but I can’t seem to duplicate those results on the farming rig. I know the gpu’s aren’t dead because they work on windows 10 with the adrenaline 20.10 AMD driver with the verthash one click miner so I know it can be done, but I’m stuck! I’ve got 6.200 beta Installed with and 20.40 driver but the miners won’t use the r9 or r7 GPUs to mine :frowning: Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I put detailed pics in a google doc

Hawaii based cards aren’t supported on the latest builds, but you’re on the right track. Just use hive-replace --list And try a slightly older image

Thanks buddy, I’m trying 0.6-97 right now, after briefly trying 06-172. It’s working a little bit more than the 200 beta, but not really lol

It wasn’t even mining anything and it overheated? Lol at least lolminer was trying to use it?

Set autofan up or set a static fan speed at least

I have those set, but I don’t think my drivers are working properly. AMD 19.20 doesn’t support my cards. I looked up the release notes. It looks like I need to go all the way back to 0.6-39 and AMD 18.10 since the release notes on that driver or try to downgrade AMD drivers to 19.10 since that release supports my cards too and it actually has my cards listed. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

Well we have progress! Hive build 0.6-97 with AMD driver 19.20 is the image that is working best. Just have to downgrade to AMD driver 19.10 with crypto Luigi’s help and you’ll be able to use R7 and R9 cards.

Pretty sure #83 still supported R9 on the 20.40 driver path.

#83 what? I have an old rx580 2gb that is still supported on the newer drivers 20.40 etc… but the R9 200 series and R7 300 series are what I need support for and I haven’t been able to get them to run without screwing with the drivers via the cryptoluigi script. So far with an AMD 19.20 driver downgraded to a 19.10 I have support for my R7 300 series gpu. I can’t seem to get the R9 200 series to fire up though :frowning:

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