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AMD R9 390x Power Consumption

Dear experts, I need an advice regarding the power consumption of my rig.

The rig is composed by one R9 390x cards, with an i5 4460 as PCU.
I bought a Cooler Master 80plus gold 750W PSU.
At the moment, according to hiveos, my GPU is sucking 144W, with the following oc:

Core clock: 960
Core state: 3
Core Voltage: default
Memory controller voltage: default
Memory clock: 1250
Memory state: default
Memory voltage: default
Fan: 60%
Power limit: 160

I would like to add another card, another R9 390x, applying the same OC.
Do you think I would need another PSU or 750W could be enough? I don’t know if I can trust hiveos power consumptions.


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