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Amd pro 5700

Hello, Super new to mining. First rig up and going with AMD PRO 5700 cards. Where can I find the best settings for these cards? They are getting 49.6hash right now. But want to optimize

First, you will need to overclock your memory, try 946 that’s probably the maximum value you can go safely.
946 on hive os is 946X2= 1892 MHz.

At the same time try also to decrease your core frequency, your best values would be between 1300 to 1500 MHz. (your goal is to find the highest hash rate with the lowest core frequency possible.

After that try to find the best values for VDD. The best values would be in general between 750-850.
You can go lower than 750 but usually your card won’t be stable. The lover the VDD the lower your power consumption and core temp.

The same applies then for MVDD try to find the best value for your GPU between 1250 and 1350. That’s the memory voltage, the lower the better, you need to experiment and find the best stable settings.

That’s a basic guide to start you going, then for better performance, you can mod your bios(advanced level) better pay someone to do it for you.
And also don’t forget to monitor your memory temps.