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AMD OC for GPUs #10 and #11

Having issues with applying AMD OC settings for last two GPUs (#10 and #11) after adding manual OC for all settings (Core Clock, Core DPM, Core Voltage, etc).

After boot, one of last two cards show 6-7 Mhs instead of 30Mhs.
Only multiple reboots helps here - 5 - 6 reboots and all cards works well untill next reboot.

Before i used modifyed bioses and all cards was ok, then swithched to AMD OC, specially memory DPM and Memory Clock and this issue raised.

It seems, that there is some issue in applying AMD OC settings for rigs with more then 10 GPUs. Maybe some timeout?

PS One more thing i noticed - right after boot, dashboard shows power draw for all GPUs, after some time (i assume time when AMD OC applied), power draw value dissapear from one of last GPUs and after exctly this GPU (#10 or #11) will have low hashrate.

Any update?