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AMD & NVIDIA ETH mining - cards are not all mining, and low hash rates

Hey everyone, I am trying to get my AMD & NVIDIA cards all mining on ETH. Ive tried setting up the flight sheet with two miners, one mining just AMD and one mining NVIDIA. For some reason only the NVIDIA cards will mine. Ive tried switching multiple miners and I still cant get this to work. Has anyone set up both AMD and NVIDIA cards on ETH? And if so, what miners are you using? how did you set up the flight sheets? and what am I missing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Yes, I had a mixed AMD/Nvidia rig mining ETH. I believe I got it working with Phoenix miner 5.5c and as runing AMD on TeamRed miner and T-Rex for Nvidia. Try the Phoenix miner 5.5c and it should be fine. Make sure your on the latest Hiveo OS patch too.

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