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Amd msu error with 8 gpu’s

I have a rig, mobo MSI z390 a pro, 6 6700xt, 1 6700xt from amd regular and 1 6900xt. When I plugged in my new card ,6900xt, I got an msu error and it said driver error can’t find temps. But when I unplugged the regular amd 6700xt card everything worked fine, why is this. I’ve had 8 cards running on the rig before but when I swapped one out with a 6900xt it won’t work and gives msu error.

My psu is 1800 W.

Pretty much 8 6700xt work but when I replace one 6700xt with a 6900xt it doesn’t want to mine because of MSU error. But when I had 8 6700xt mining one of the reg amd cards kept giving invalid shares…

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