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AMD KERNEL Issue miner down

I have a 6 GPU rig using XFX 5700 XT GPU’s. I am recieving an error from ethminer and nbminer of “Error loading kernel for AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT[1010]” I have tried hive-replace to the latest beta, and the earlier versions with the same result. I tried the AMD Driver update tool, but it hangs at 71% going to 19.50. I really need some help, rigs been down for days! Thanks

Update. I tried using a GTX 1070 on the rig and it is mining. There is something with the driver / kernel for the AMD GPU. Any help is appreciated.

EthMiner doesn’t contain kernels for Navi GPUs and mine on fallback (general) kernels.
There are no interactions with Linux kernel or AMD drivers. Miner just hasn’t special ethash OpenCL kernels for Navi GPUs.

For best results in ethash mining on AMD Navi GPU (RX 5000 series) use TeamRedMiner or lolMiner.

Thank you for the advice. I am getting the same error with Nbminer. I will set up a new flight sheet and let you know.

Halo, you definitely earned the Genius in the name. Just crazy, lol miner fixed it. I had been running the other miners for months with no issues. In any event I really appreciate steering me in the right direction. THANK YOU

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Happy mining ) :slightly_smiling_face:

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