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AMD has a very low computational power

All my AMD card is to brush the BIOS firmware, AMD hiveos web pages - OC default Settings, nothing GPU1 GPU2 GPU3 force only 3 to 5 m, and then I try to set up DPM 4 V 950 MEM 2250 fans 70%, calculate the force is only part of the work force as normal. May I ask what caused this?

Starting directly under Windows is 30M. Please help me. I’m very upset and grateful.

What miner do you use?
I’m see high cpu load averages

[quote=“HaloGenius;3369”]What miner do you use?
I’m see high cpu load averages[/quote]


When I removed the AMD -oc setup, I only set the fan speed 70%, the calculation force is shown in the figure.

Try to switch the MB bios setting.
PEG port Configuration to Auto or GEN2
other PCI Express setting Auto