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Amd-gpu-pro ubuntu 21.50 drivers


any plan to integrate the latest AMD drivers release? It looks loke they are stable and a bit faster compared to 20.40


I am interested in the driver upgrade 21.50 as well. It has been nearly 2 years since last AMD driver upgrade already. Hope any progress?

21.50.2 are faster compared to the 21.40.1 version of the actual stable version, I’m extensively testing this build and they are the best ones so far, a lot more stable with latest TRM beta that is optimized for newer AMD drivers. A little more hashrate and most important thing power usage is about 35w lower (-4%) at the wall in my AMD rig.

At the moment 22.10.2 drivers are out so I suppose they are even faster, no idea if there is any plan to test this build in Hive, lets say in a beta. They support newer AMD gpus and they are rumored to be 17% faster (at least in gaming)


That is a lot of power saving and hopefully with more hashrate. The current version is a bit outdated since 2020. Hope some work on this soon.

How to update new driver?


If you want to upgrade the AMD driver is not officially supported, first of all you have to uninstall the current build but the amdgpu-uninstall script is missing in the image so I guess you have to repair the embedded driver first.

21.50.2 was released with hiveos-0.6-216-stable (then pulled) I’m still using this build with no issues

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Is it possible to share HiveOS v0.6.216-stable? I am interested in trying it out. Many thanks.

Unfortunately it was pulled from the web site for some reason, actually I believe that 22.10.2 drivers are better (lower power, more shares at least in TRM with R-mode) so I suppose they will release a new one very soon

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