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AMD FIrePro w7100

I had some extra cards at work sitting on a shelf. Slapped them in a rig and they get 42 MH/s with no mods. Problem is HiveOS doesn’t detect them properly so I guess it doesn’t know how to communicate with other then fan speed. Which even at 100% cannot cool them properly and it will overheat. But at full tilt like its running now its only using 93 watts of energy was pretty darn efficient if you ask me.

Has anyone else had any experience with these cards or knows how to get them working properly? I am running the latest version of HiveOS. If I could get it to accept graphics card tweaks I am sure this could a nice card to use.



Have you been able to run these long enough to be sure they really do get the 42MH/S? Some say they only do 12-17? And you seem to be 1 of the first to test these so you might be the 1 running these for a while now. Really interested to hear.

They run for about 3-5 minutes before overheating because of poor cooling. I search for a water cooling option but they didn’t seem to make it for this specific firepro. If anyone can find me cooling option water or traditional fans I would love to test it.

in the other thread about these(i think the same card) someone undervolted the thing and seems to be getting good results. So that might be worth a try?
AMD FirePro W7100 8GB. .... Hidden GEM 42MH 1 of the last posts there

I have one of these running right now, and the heatsink is… well… crap.

I was skimming around on eBay and found a HIS brand heatsink for $20, lo and behold it has the same bolt pattern and mounted right up.

Previous temps were in the 98C range (definitely throttling - GPU speeds would drop from 850mhz to 700ish. Currently after mining for an hour on it, temp is now 80C and it’s super quiet. Frequency is now running solid at 920mhz without a flutter.

As mentioned, it bolted right up, even the bloody power cable was identical and exactly the right length for the connector. All I needed to do was unbolt the stock cooler (lots of little screws!), clean the thermal paste (which I had replaced to try and get it running better, to little avail), repaste, plug in the fan, and bolt it up.

FYI, the mounting pad is a 52.5 x 52.5mm mount, or 76 diagonal from corner to corner, so almost any cooler would theoretically work as long as it has that mounting pattern.

Here’s a pic of the cooler I found.

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