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AMD FirePro W7100 8GB. .... Hidden GEM 42MH

So, I took a chance saw a couple of these cards come up on eBay cheapish (comparison to others right now), $140-$200. Considering current market thought would be great if they work as good as 470/480/570/580 etc…

WELL… They run HOT so I have a little fan blowing over them. BUT they run fine at 92 deg NO ERRORS (for 3days now), and run at 42MH/s at 94w. Have not done any tweaking etc. on them (except setting fan to 100%) but that is using Pheniox (Team Red Doesn’t work with them)

SO Figured I would share my find and give us all some options!


I did the same. My first came in today. I did some overclocking/undervolting and with the settings below it fluctuates between 68 and 72 degrees at 42MH/s at 66w.

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Sweet, will give those a try. Does it work with team red for you? Only works with Pheniox for me.

Nope, Team Red won’t run for me so I’m using Phoenix

Same here… works great. 42,29Mh/s.
But how many Shares du you guys get?
Mine are quiet less… just 3 shares in half an hour with phoenix mier.
Update: 1,5h = 18 Shares…

Not very many. It shows 42 on Hive but watching the miner run says around 12MH/s at pool.

yes, pool is much lower.
On lolminer it is 17MH/s. I think this is the real Hashrate.
Damn, so im not going to buy another W7100.

is anyone sure about the hashrate of these? I came across this as i was researching the w7100 as wel. Some pages claim 42-43 MH/S and here there are guys that say only 12-17 wich would make it kind of useless. So is anyone sure about what is going on with these? Are they showing off numbers somewhere?

For me Phoenixminer shows 43MH/s but effective pool hashrate shows 20MH/s
lolminer reports it at 18MH/s.

What settings the lower power settings, or full power?

could that be due to the card throttling? If its prettymuch shutting down 50% of the time that would make sense? Everyone seems to report them running really hot so i could understand that they might be throttling really bad? And then it would make sense that you only get about 50% of the hashrate effective.

I haven’t run at full power. Temps shoot up passed 90 so I shut it down.

here is no throttling. with undervolting its at 56°C, without undervolting its at 65°C but same hashrate.
Mine is not that hot because of my servercase, it blows very cold air inside.
So i think its displayed wrong on phoenix miner…


`how did you get in undervolted? I see others have problems with getting things changed on these cards? Or is that just because they didnt look in to it deep enough

just the normal way… no problems…

So I’ve had this running for about 24 hours and checked the pool:
43.63 MH/s Current
33.61 MH/s Average

About what I have seen. 41-42 Current and 37average over a couple days. I have a fan blowing on it, and have the clocks turn down.

I’ve been using a couple of these cards for a few weeks now. These settings don’t actually effect my cards. I have to mod the bios to effect core or mem speed. Are you sure this actually affects your card? If you run amd-info you should be able to see the changes.

Hi I too am using these cards but im not showing anything near what you guys are. Im around 18 average.
What version of hive are you using?
what amd driver are you using?
what miner version are you using?
what pool are using?
Also could you maybe send me a copy of your cards bios.

Sorry for all the questions. im getting frustrated with these cards!