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AMD Fan Speed Control issues

Running two PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Devil cards and have just installed an MSI RX 5700 XT GamingX. Can control the fan speed on the two Red Devil cards, but the GamingX card won’t budge off of 85%.

Running 100% fan on the two Red Devil cards keeps my mem temps in the 68C to 70C range. The GamingX card mem temps run in the 88C to 90C range with the fan at 85%… and that took setting up a box fan blowing on my rig to bring the temps out of the mid 90s!

Would like to get the mem temp on the GamingX down below 80C without having to run the box fan. Ambient room temperature is 16C.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!!

I wish I could help. I have 6 Sapphire 5700xt Pulse cards and can’t get any of them to get a fan speed above 85%, either with the auto fan settings, or settings in the miner part of the flight sheet. This is with both team red miner and phoenix miner. My OC settings are 1350 core, DPM 1, 740 mv and 900 memory clock. Also did the suggested bios mod.

Hopefully someone can help out?

My 5700xt fans run at 100% now with the latest stable release hiveos-0.6-205-stable@210715 so all is good again

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