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AMD equihash 125.4 RX 6800 XT

Hi guys,

Anyone try flux with is amd 6800? Looking for the best tuning, max i can get it’s around 39-40.


Hello, am interested in this

Can you share your config please?

Hi, i’ve got 2 6800xt and i try flux too. my max is 61 sol/s with just core 2300? is anaybody have some oc ?

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Can you share your config and what miner are you using?


Hey sharing my flux clocks. Using miniz for 6800xt, 6800 and 6600 xt. Runs very stable. Most 6800xts run at 130 watts getting 59 - 63 sols.

I found good setting

FLUX power tuning is way too much fun. MiniZ single ref 6800 @56.5+ sol(note this is my worst power performer):

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Have you tested the gpu power consumption at the wall?
I see some of my 6800 throttle from 100 to 280 watts on hive but when I record the power at the wall it only throttles about 3-5 watts.

Measuring a rig on a 30amp PDU which displays draw in amps. With 4+ GPUs it appears stable. (8) GPUs push a 1600w Bitmain past reset within 2 minutes of operation on FLUX. Not the case on RVN and certainly not on ETH/ETC.

I suspect the voltage draw oscillation in FLUX is too quick for most wall voltage meters. I am going to invest in a bit better test gear vs. moving 220v over to my existing 110v test gear.

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If you do further tests, please share, I would be very interested in the results.