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AMD driver unknow with Gminer after instaled miner?

I try install last version fo gminer got this error and try 2.92 version samething

AMD driver 21.50.2

if possible help me

Try flashing the latest stable image first

i’m having the same issue, and after hive-replace with latest stable version still the same problem 1 5700xt - was having all kinds of pcie errors when all 7 cards

when you say flash - should i use an image writer on the PC to reflash the ssd versus using hive-replace locally or are the 2 methods the same ?

if youre only having one card have issues, reflashing wont likely solve anything. troubleshoot riers/cables/cards, rule out all variables one at a time.

hive-replace and flashing with your pc will do the same thing

thanks for the reply, finally got things going… 1 weird card that would cause other cards to show errors… took them out 1 x 1 and found the trouble maker… works ok in a pc though so i’m not sure what’s going on with it