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AMD cards went missing

I had 2 XFX Merc 319 rx 6800xt and 3 inno3d GTX 1660 super cards in a single rig which was running phoenixminer. it was working flawlessy for more than 2 months. I Stopped the miner, bios flashed one of the 1660 super with Palit VBIOS, and when the system rebooted, One of the AMD 6800xt card was not detected, when i checked the card physically, it lights up but the fan doesnt spin, I tried rebooting the hive os few more times to see whether it can detect the GPU, but after few reboots, the other AMD card went missing too, now both the cards only lights up, no fan movement while booting. What shoudl i do? please help me

I tried connecting to different PSU, directly to motherboard PCIE slot, and even tried on a different motherboard, the card only lights up and the fan doesnt even move and no os detects the card

If you’ve done all troubleshooting to rule out all variables besides the card, sounds like you have some hardware issue with the card(s)

can’t believe why it suddenly happened, it was only 2 months old card

If we had a dollar for every time someone flashed the wrong bios to the wrong GPU.

Windows sees the GPU as? GPU-Z?

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