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AMD Cards low hash rate using KAWPOW and GMINER

My AMD cards seem to be way underperforming the Nvidia cards. I just resurrected this rig after being dormant since ETH mining went tits up.

I have tinkered with some settings, but they are for the most part like they always were (I think)…

Any Ideas?

Worth trying other miners, typically for amd i think teamredminer is recommended. You can always run one miner for each card type in your flight sheet as well

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Switched to TeamRedMiner for the AMD cards… a little better but those 5500’s are still lower than I had hoped. I hoped they would keep up with the Ti & 580 cards.

You’ll need more core clock (and more core voltage likely) for them to perform better. Kawpow likes lots of core

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for kawpow is it worth bios modding 5700xt?

Can’t say for sure, but id imagine theres a slight benefit. My navi cards were always modded so couldn’t tell you how they were before.