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AMD Blockchain Drivers

Is there any chance that hiveOS will be supporting the AMD Blockchain drivers for Linux?

If not, would installing them manually be out of the question?

Are you jocking?
HiveOS already implemented blockchain drivers since Oct 2017 AFAIK

No I wasn’t joking. I’m brand new to Have and I couldn’t find any definitive proof in the changelog to be sure, so I thought I would ask.

My suspicion was they weren’t because my flashed GPUs were hashing at the rate of GPUs that weren’t overclocked.

So I guess the bigger question is why they are hashing ~7MH/s lower than they do in Windows.


You can find version of currently installed drivers on rig control panel by moving mouse over version of HiveOS
For example

Important - currently, new drivers come only with new OS image or must be installed manually (of course if needed and you know what to do)